Wrinkle Care & Moisturizing Emulsion (100 ml) - OLD

Wrinkle Care & Moisturizing Emulsion (100 ml) - OLD

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This vegan emulsion was formulated through revolutionary bioscience using 32 plant ingredients from roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, and seeds to give the best natural care for your delicate skin. The emulsion focuses on wrinkle care and moisturizing by using plants such as green tea, for its potent antioxidant and skin-soothing properties, pomegranate oil, to prevent wrinkles by regenerating skin cells below the surface, and olive oil, for its vitamin E, polyphenols, and phytosterols that help protect the skin from free radical damage and premature aging. The non-greasy formula also provides other age-defying benefits such as improving sun-damaged skin, lightening dark spots, and smoothing skin tone to keep your skin supple, radiant, and youthful looking.

  • Product Highlights

    • Contains 32 plant-based ingredients

    • Lighter than using a cream

    • Good for hot days and oily skin types

    • Attracts and retains moisture

    • Protects against signs of aging and sun damage

    • No toxic ingredients

    • No direct or indirect animal ingredients

  • Usage Instructions

    • Recommended for use after Cleanser and Toner
    • Apply to face and neck
    • Pat skin gently for better absorption
    • Can be used morning and evening
  • Ingredients


    Green tea leaf extract, pomegranate juice, olive oil, caprylic/capric triglycerides, shea butter, sodium hyaluronate, hydroxyethyl cellulose, star anise fruit extract, grapefruit extract, lotus flower extract, tree peony root extract, Baikal skullcap root extract, Centella asiatica extract, Portulaca oleracea extract, lavender oil, orange peel oil, white mulberry root extract, broccoli extract, kava leaf/root/stem extract, natto gum, flaxseed extract, okra fruit extract, Aloe vera leaf juice, burdock root extract, Hibiscus mutabilis flower extract, Corchorus olitorius leaf extract, celery extract, cabbage leaf extract, turnip leaf extract, carrot extract, Asian rice bran extract, tomato fruit/leaf/stem extract

    Vitamins/Minerals/Organic Compounds

    Water, glycerin, sorbitan stearate, cetyl ethylhexanoate, niacinamide, sorbitan sesquioleate, cetyl alcohol, polysorbate 60, arginine, carbomer, vitamin E acetate, dimethicone, panthenol, adenosine

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