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We are honored to be the exclusive distributor of Saesilro skincare products in the United States. Through the sale of these products we will be funding homeless outreach projects and giving hope to those who have lost it.


We believe that every human life is precious and that God has provided sufficient resources for all of his children. In spite of that, some of our brothers and sisters have no place to call home and they struggle to survive outdoors, exposed to all the harsh elements. The fact that these unfortunate ones have virtually nothing would seem to suggest that others in our society have taken too much.


Years of participating in homeless relief efforts have made us familiar with the hardships and frustrations these people live with. We are dedicated to helping them and doing what we can to minimize their sufferings.  Currently we mostly focus on winter outreach by providing them warming items such as:

  ♥︎ Propane tanks, adapter hoses, propane stoves which encourage them to cook foods to be more self sufficient, and the low stove heat will keep them warmer in the cold tents.

  ♥︎ Provide propane tank refills to be more environmental friendly.

  ♥︎ Below zero rated sleeping bags.

  ♥︎ Tents for a piece of dry space in the rainy weather.

  ♥︎ Thermal underpants to keep their legs warmer.  Most homeless people have arthritics due to the coldness perpetrating to the body when sleeping on the cold ground.

  ♥︎ Winter jacket and rain gears.

  ♥︎ boots with thermal socks to keep their feet warmer.  

♥︎ Special items based on needs such as backpack, itchy medicine, rides, train tickets, foods, etc., and some cell phones.


We thank you for your compassion and support!


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